Texas to New Mexico

By Diana Guay

Sorry to any friends of ours who wanted us to see Texas – we sort of breezed our way through that state. Also, there’s a heat advisory in affect till SUNDAY NIGHT, as the temps in San Antonio are upwards of 104. The Alamo attractions don’t start till 9 a.m. and by then we’d be roasting.

We hit the highway early yesterday morning because we wanted to cover a lot of ground to make it to Albuquerque tonight. And we made it.

Texas: I actually really liked the landscape of Texas. It was sort of crazy to see that much open land, and the sunrise was spectacular! I couldn’t get enough of the long golden hours of the sunrise/sunset in San Antonio. From the 10th floor of our hotel room that morning, I was bathed in a golden warmth as I watched the sun come up over the horizon.

If you’re not on Facebook, you missed the fact that almost as soon as we got onto I-10W, we hit traffic. There was a fatal accident, something I discovered after doing a little googling on the iPhone. The interesting thing about the Texas roads (as I’m sure is true of other southern states) is that as the Interstate highways developed, they built them next to their original routes. So, RT-10 is parallel to I-10, and doesn’t have any sort of barrier between the two, except a strip of grass. So, as soon as we noticed traffic slowing up, immediately we saw trucks and SUV’s (very few Sedans in Texas) crossing the grassy barrier to RT-10, and pretty soon that was backed up, too.

It was only about a 45 minute delay before we were back up to high speeds (speed limits out here are crazy! 70-80mph) and made great time. We barely stopped except for bathroom breaks. There were enormous stretches of land (say, 50-80 miles) of nothing but straight road and flat terrain and it wasn’t unusual to wait 60 miles before the next bathroom. It was beautiful for about an hour, and then I started to lose my mind a little. I didn’t want to nap on Rob, because it’s hard enough driving a long, straight highway. I didn’t want him to be alone.

Driving through New Mexico was especially interesting. We drove through a few dead cities, that is to say on the map I could see the sprawling signs of suburban roads, but once we drove through them, all we saw were decaying buildings, crumbling signs, abandoned schools and municipal buildings. It was surreal, like a zombie apocalypse movie.

Since we spent soo much time on the road, I got a ton of pictures just from the passenger seat. We didn’t really want to stop too much, since Google Map’s estimate for us was 12 hours from San Antonio to Albuquerque.

Check out my other site for large-scale pics of our drive through Texas and New Mexico.

And here are a few pics from the iPhone:


More Texas

I couldn’t get enough of these Texas hill rocks that we kept passing through and got tons of pictures of them.

The trees were awesome. This shot was taken at a rest stop.

Roswell was an interesting town. I think I might need an entire gallery devoted to Roswell.
Roswell, NM

As we drove through town, kitschy aliens and alien signs welcomed you at every corner. Oh, and this last picture isn’t an iPhone photo. But I think this post needed this picture included:
New Mexico


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  2. Your pictures are great. Keep up the good work. Everyone in my family has been enjoying your photography. They also like your blog comments. I am glad both of you are watching out for each other.

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