Portland to Seattle (Seattle is grungier).

For the short stay that was Portland, it was charming. I loved it. Microbrews on every other block, clean streets and great coffee.

In Portland, Diana and I stayed at the Governor Hotel — lavish digs at a decent price. We visited the Tug Boat and Deschutes Breweries, among others, and even paused to marvel at the solar-powered compacter trash bins outside center city’s whole foods.

I must admit all the microbrewery “hopping” and sampling of the past few days have made the Protestant ethic in me soft. I don’t mind lushing it up, but Seattle is the breaking point.

In Seattle’s world famous fish market I did see charismatic mongers screaming something like, “2 pounds of herring, Harry!” all in unison, then to see a fish fly 15 feet across the market air into the deft catch-and-paper-wrap action of a smooth professional. That was kinda cool.

But, but, but. With Seattle comes some buts. The homeless. The tourists. The hills.

Perhaps I’m spoiled. Maybe I didn’t give Seattle the right chance. But, but, but. I don’t care. That’s life. I guess it’s like any other thing in where you have just the one first chance. Maybe you’ll get more, but probably not if that first chance is blown.

…but Portland was nice. I’ll definitely visit Oregon again.

One response to “Portland to Seattle (Seattle is grungier).

  1. It sounds like both of you would enjoy more time in Portland. Could you picture living there?

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