I was a little nervous to go camping for the first time, so Rob took it a little easy on me. Our first night was in Coeur D’Alene in Idaho, and it had more amenities than one needs when “roughing it.” The description online mentions bathrooms, showers, a pool and hot tub, as well as a pool table, paddle boats, a convenience store… You get the picture. It was fun, though. I enjoyed setting up the tent, sitting by a campfire and eating food soaked in fire smoke goodness. We toasted some bread, cooked jiffy pop and shared a few local beers until it got too dark and cold.

Which brings us to the one downside to camp night one: it was bitterly cold and we only brought a few blankets. I spent half the night shivering, cured up closely to Rob for body heat, while thoughts of hyperthermia raced in my head. On top of the fact that I had to pee. And the nearest bathroom was about 500 yards away. Uphill. In the cold. But I’m not complaining too much because Rob’s telling me that soon we’ll be camping where I’ll have to dig my own ditch to relieve myself, something I’m trying to ignore in hopes that he’s kidding me.

Needless to say, Rob and I didn’t sleep so well our first night camping together. But even so, when we got up, we were both eager for instant coffee and breakfast from our portable burner and were able to shrug off the cold night as lesson learned. We immediately made plans to find sleeping bags in the next big town: Missoula.

Camp night two in Helena, Montana: So far, so good. Already things are looking up because I managed to set up the tent all by myself (well, Rob assisted on a few key points), giving me time to curl up inside on the cozy air mattress (complete with new sleeping bags!) with warm dusk sun streaming in through the tent’s vestibule. The fire’s already going and the smell of firewood burning is putting me at ease.

2 responses to “Camping

  1. It sounds like you could enjoy camping as long as there are some luxuries like bathrooms. I will warn you (but you probably already know) that Rob loves camping. The more inconvenient it gets the more he likes it. I think he gets this from his father. He certainly does not get if grom me.

  2. 500 yards…bah! When camping, the WORLD is your bathroom!

    Camping is a lot more fun when there’s no signs of civilization or comfort. It really helps you get away from it all. Though I can see how it would take some getting used to. 😉

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