More on Yellowstone

By Diana Guay

To those of you following along at home, so sorry we haven’t blogged in a few days. We finally stayed at a “real” campsite in Yellowstone last night, in Bridge Bay. They had flushable toilets but that’s it. Rob and I managed a tent spot with a magnificent view of the Yellowstone lake, and camp neighbors on either side of us who made us feel at home. Rob made me an awesome twice baked potato with cheese and a really awesome crispy skin.

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Right. Yellowstone. It was pretty amazing seeing the landscape change so dramatically. The hot springs, geysers, the ridiculously tall trees in our camp site… For those familiar with Yellowstone: we started out in the north entrance by Gardnir. Stopped in Mammoth Springs where we walked through a board-walked path towards hot springs where I took a bazillion pictures. It was around our stop at Od Faithful where it dawned on me the weirdness of this shared experience of tourists gathering, all with cameras, trying to capture something. As if a picture of the weird rock formation will mean anything to them in 5 years. I imagine them telling their friends about it. A shared experience, taking pictures of something we all took pictures of. But what is it worth? How is mine any different than that if the French tourist using his camera phone? Or of the Chinese students taking pictures with her disposable camera?

So I looked to Rob. He’s always one to be a golfball for the camera. I realized that what makes our pictures unique is who is in them. I watched Rob. I took pictures of him (and us) on our trip. It was fun. And it kept things interesting.

After leaving Yellowstone through the east entrance, we made our way to Cody, Wyoming, which is where we are stationed now. I started getting cranky on-route, and once we got into our hotel, I realized it’s probably because I feel a sickness coming on. I need sleep, vitamins, water and soup if I want to feel like myself again.

I do have some pictures from the past few days (including that of the infamous elk sampling our tent) but I need some rest. Till then, dear readers.

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