West to West

Rob Dixon
Siuox Falls, Public Campgrounds

I’m sorry. I haven’t put a pixel to page in many a gigasecond. I’ve been busy. Let me explain…

Driving through the pacific northwest and then to find yourself in the big skies of Montana and South Dakota — it’s humbling. It’s tiring. It’s amazing.

I’ve seen things, man. I’ve been there. Perhaps you know full well. Perhaps you have some idea. Perhaps you have an inkling. Perhaps you have no clue whatsoever. Words can’t explain…

But I’ll try.

Diana and I have been camping most of the way since Seattle. Part of that is because I’m cheap. Yes, I admit it, but before you start throwing stones, the real reason is I needed a change and I knew I would.

I needed away.

Not away from the woman I love, my travel companion here and in life, but a change in pace, a change in tone — a change in scenery and in soundtrack. As I type, right now I am serenaded by crickets, frogs, and oddly enough, the hum of cars on Route 11 SD. It’s a far cry from the fighting couple on the tenth floor of the Richmond Marriott or the skitzo twenty-thirthy somethings meandering throughout Seattle. It’s peaceful. It’s soothing. It’s tending to the fire rather than calling the front desk. That’s the best way I can describe it.

I have encountered the screaming children slamming the doors to their RV, but this campsite is peaceful. I can hear the hum of traffic to the north and the fauna songs, but that’s it. The human contact is minimal except for Diana, which is greatly appreciated.

Everything is wide open here. The scenery just goes on and on. There’s miles and miles of flat countryside dotted with the occasional tree and the more frequent livestock resting by a shallow pond or under the shade of a billboard.

When we do run into the locals they are extremely friendly. There is the occasional disinterested teenager at the checkout, but I think that’s everywhere. Lots of cowboy hats, but not as many as Texas.

We visited Wall Drug and saw the Corn Palace. If you don’t know about those, you’ll just have to look them up. Let’s just say if you’re touring South Dakota and not doing the sport-hunt-fish thing, then you must visit Wall and Mitchell to truly get a feel for the local flavor.


One response to “West to West

  1. You are getting very very philosophical. Enjoy Minneapolis.

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