I wish I had pictures from Minnesota, but we were sort of on a mission. We got into town around 3:30, and decided to hit a local brewpub – Town Hall. We had a few samplers, chatted the bartender up, then got in the car for our hotel. We had just enough time to clean up and get some laundry done before we headed out to our first home-cooked meal in weeks at my friend Nick’s house. I’ve known Nick since I was a teenager and we’ve remained in contact through every possible social media outlet ever since.

It was great to see a familiar face and see that some things never change. I also got to meet his lovely wife, Zhenya, who cooked us an absolutely wonderful vegetarian meal. They also had quite a few different varieties of beer that we sampled throughout the night while we chatted, discussed the merits (and lack thereof) of Vegas, driving many hours on little sleep, and the crazy things that cats do. That was the other thing: they have three cats, one of which was friendly as hell and warmed up to Rob quickly, especially once he started scratching between her ears.

Our visit made us a little less homesick, and comforted to know we have great friends out in Minnesota, that have similar sensibilities to us. Thank you Nick and Zhenya, for making us feel so welcome.

2 responses to “Minnesota

  1. It was our pleasure, a thousand times over. It was great to see you, and finally meet Rob. Hopefully, we can get together sooner than around ten years next time. 😉

  2. Rob seems to have an affinity for cats. Jasmine misses him and will be glad to see him home.

    Diana’s photographs from Yellowstone, Wall Drug, and the Corn Palace have been enjoyed by the entire family. The photographs just keep getting better and better.

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